Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post 6: -5 Days (Goodbyes and Lasts)

So we're down to 5 days till I leave!! Freaking out now, just a little bit. I have most of my things packed up in boxes and suitcases...which is only slightly problematic when you need socks and forgot to leave them out. Going to finish packing tonight.

(All of the socks I own.)

Today is also my last day at work...doing a 10 hour shift, which be great on my check in a few weeks. My Co-workers have thrown me an absolutely lovely goodbye party, and decorated the whole back room. It looks amazing...I'm really going to miss everyone, even though I've only been here for like, 6 months. Gosh it's been 6 months already....it was about that long ago that I applied to Disney! GEEZE. Louise.

On Saturday, all the rest of my friends threw me a goodbye party....it was morphed with like, 5 of my friend's mixed birthday party. It was at my house, and half the guests were already there and they still managed to surprise me...refishulousness. My cousin and her boyfriend had gone to get the cake for everyone, and they were "taking forever to get back"....code for, two of my close friends were running late and they needed to be there for the surprise so my cousin was waiting out in the car till they got there. It was definitely a surprise!

I'm trying to get some last minute seeing people in this week...planning on spending Thursday afternoon with my family, Friday is both my best friend's and my roommate's dad's birthdays. Wednesday evening I'm going to go back to where I used to do some theater and see all my friends there, and watch their dress rehearsal for Cinderella. (how appropriate!)

...Then Saturday, it's Leavin' on a Jet Plane time. Whew.

I guess that's it for now......oi. Can't believe this is really happening!!!!

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  1. We are very proud of you sweetie, you will be great down there. Make sure we get pictures! Love ya, Aunt Kristin