Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post 7: Limbo (Arrival in Orlando)

Ohhhmmmmggggeeeezzzeee........what a day. It is currently 10pm, I am sitting in my hotel room all showered and cleaned, with my bags beside me, and absolutely exhausted.

Bye bye, TMI.
I was up till 2ish last night and back up around 7ish to finish packing. My dad and grandfather picked me up from my house at around 10am, we loaded my brimming bags into his car, and we drove to the airport with my boyfriend and some of my dearest friends following behind. (Love you guys so much. <3) Got there around 11am, checked in, had to swap some stuff between my suitcases so they were under the 50lb weight limit and sent them on the conveyor belt. I felt bad a little bit...because I had my Woody doll inside one of my checked bags........I don't even WANT to know what happened between letting him go and him getting to my hotel room lol. Then we all got some breakfast and sat outside security for 20 minutes eating and talking. Then I had to say goodbyes. And that was fun....I didn't cry AT ALL.....not one little bit..............okay....maybe, like, one tear. Or a few more than one. But that's it.

Sooooo..........then I went through security, got patted down, be-bopped on through to the waiting are and chilled there for like, 20 minutes till we started boarding. My parents are amazing and bought my plane ticket, and had upgraded it to business class for me, so I didn't have to pay for my luggage AND I had a really comfy seat. I met this very interesting woman on the plane, she was on her way to Orlando for the Builder's show; her brother is the President of a construction company, one that helped Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with siding for the 7 houses in 7 days project in their last season. And it was kind of funny, we had bumped into each other prior to the flight, and then she ended up in line behind me in Starbucks when we got off the plane.

Chillin watching 'Up.'
This was on my bed. Win!
After the flight I got to the magical express check-in, got on my magical bus, got to Saratoga Springs to check in and met Hannah, who is from London and in the college program, and she helped me figure out how I'm getting to Vista Way on Monday (going to call a cab). After that, I went up to my room, relaxed and watched Up until my bags arrived, then I changed into something cooler, and hopped on a boat over to Downtown Disney, walked around in a fruitless search for a new wallet (though I almost did buy a Walt Disney bio.....practicing self restraint will HAVE to happen. It's going to be like, having Hansel and Gretel working in the witch's CandyHouse. Ohhhhhh the temptation....) Hopped on a bus to get back to the hotel and met a woman from the UK, who was the only other passenger on the bus. She was also very nice, she was vacationing in Orlando by herself, as her husband was away on business and her children were all grown. She's done alot of travelling, especially in the US....she's trying to do the 'collect the state parks' adventure, and is going to hit Mount Rushmore in the near future. I'm always slightly envious of people who have had the ability to travel...I always feel so.... naive when I'm talking with someone who's traveled, because they're describing things to me that I barely have any grasp of. But it's also quite amazing.

"Yup, cu-mu-lo-nimbus..." -Russel,  'Up'

Now I am sitting all comfy and EXHAUSTED in my hotel room in my jammies, VERY MUCH ready for bed, but I promised several people a blog post. Tomorrow I'd like to swim, go back to Downtown Disney, and figure out what I'm doing about a bank (getting a new debit card from my PA bank or opening a new FL bank account). There is also a meeting going on tomorrow night at a local Denny's of a bunch of DCPers starting Monday....I will attempt to attend that, but only if I can find some way to get there. This is all for now. I hope you enjoy the photomographs. :) 


  1. I'm glad you made it there safetly...I wish the most exciting adventure for you.
    Love ya, Aunt Kristin