Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post 4: -16 Days (One Does Not Simply "Walk into Disney!")

Okey dokey, it's been a few days since I've posted, I've been busy with working. Which brings up a very good lead in to my topic today; the costs of getting to Disney.
I want to say this right now; if you plan on applying to the Disney College program, then you should save up to around $1000 dollars, and this is why.
  1. Housing payment. When you get accepeted, you will have 10 days to pay a $300 fee to secure your spot. 
  2. Classes. If you want to take any Disney Education classes, some of them require a spot-securing fee (mine was $30), and you may have to get a textbook. (I got mine on for $16 including shipping).
  3. Travel. If you're flying, you're giong to want around $100 for a plane ticket (this is flying from PA). Also, some people who are flying are arriving a few days early and staying somewhere, so that they can get used to the area, and make sure you'll be there on time. Check in time will be between 9am-12pm. If you're driving, you're going to have to pay for gas, food stops along the way, and possibly overnight accomidations somewhere depeding on how far away you are. 
  4. Baggage. You have to get your stuff there somehow, and you dont get a mailing address til the day you arrive. I went shopping at discount stores, and the cheapest large sized baggage I found was around $50/piece....if you go to somwhere like Kohls or Marshalls, it was a few hundred dollars for one piece. Yikes!! I'll also be looking into duffle bags, hopefully they're a bit cheaper. 
  5. Savings. Disney says that you should have enough money set aside to feed yourself/gas your car ect. for about three paycheckless weeks....this is because you'll have a week's gap before you get your first check, which will only cover a few hours of classes on your first week, and then your next check may have your first 2 weeks of rent taken out of it. So...just keep that in mind. 
    1. Also, depending on how you travel, you might have to buy things like bedding, pillows, toiletries, ect. when you get down there. Make sure you save accordingly.
  6. Clothes. Your closet should have the following items; some buisness casual clothes, for orientations, classes, you'll want shorts/tshirts because, yeah, it is Florida, but you'll also want some jeans/sweatshirts. It does get a little chilly down there in the winter, you cant just prance around in a bathing suit all year. Speaking of bathing suit, each apartment complex has it's own pool and gym, you might want appropriate attire to take advantage of that.
    1. ALSO, For those of you who wear glasses, you'll want to make sure that they are plain, buisness professional glasses. If you google zenni optical, you can get cheap glasses online, and they'll ship to your house. Also, you can not have transitions lenses. 
So, moral of this story, if you want to get accepted, start saving now. Even if you dont get in, at least you'll have a $1000 in savings, and that's always nice.

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