Friday, January 13, 2012

Post 3: Day -21 (Why I want to Work For Disney)

Hey everyone! So, I have 21 days till I board my plane. That's exactly three weeks. Yikes, getting close! I can't wait for the warm I went out to get in the car to go to work, and the car doors were covered with a thin sheet of ice...pretty much from the wind chill. In fact, at 9:30am, it is 30 degrees in Pennsylvania, and 54 degrees in Orlando. Though, in Fairbanks, AK, it's -17 degrees and snowing...I guess I ought to stop complaining. (Love you Aunt Kristen...if you're not frozen solid!)

Last night I downloaded a countdown timer on my iPhone, as have many other DCPers. We're all posting screenshots on the Facebook group pages. About these groups...they're very very nice to have. I am on two of them, one for kids in the Spring/Spring Advantage 2012 Programs, and one just for kids who's check-in date is February 6th. They are both unofficial (started by program students, not by Disney), but they are very helpful. I've met dozens of other people in the Program already, and we're getting to know each other on Facebook, which is great seeing as most of us are from out of Florida and don't know anyone else going into the Program. And honestly, even though it's literally a childhood dream come true, moving to a new state 1,000 miles away from home not really knowing anyone there is a little bit scary, and it's nice having the ability to interact with so many other people going through this same process. I've been able to post questions and they've been answered within the day. I think that Disney should make their own official Facebook groups that they monitor, so that we can have some kind of representative that can answer the tougher questions and make sure everything is kosher, and they should include the link with one of their millions of emails they send out. But maybe that's just me.

So one big question that many people have asked me is why I'm so psyched to work for Disney. I've wanted this since I was young, this is literally a dream come true for me. (For realz, I've had literal night-time dreams about getting accepted to work for Disney for years. Most of them resulted in tears of joy.)
My first great experience with the magic of Disney was when I was about about 10 or 11, when my mom and dad took us and my Grandmother down, who had breast cancer (and has since passed). During that trip we managed to get into the Princess breakfast at Cinderella Castle, which, if you haven't tried to schedule that before, its something you start trying to reserve way in advance, because it fills up that quickly (keynote to anyone planning an upcoming trip). My parents had been calling pretty much every day since we decided we were going. It wasn't until we got down there that we got a spot; because a party our size had called and cancelled just moments before with the same person that my dad got on the phone. Going to that breakfast was great, we saw all the Princesses and the Fairy Godmother, who mentioned that she liked my glasses. The coolest part of that day? Later when we saw the Magic Kingdom parade, I was standing on the sidewalk up by the gates at the front with my grandmother, and the Cinderella float came around with Fairy Godmother up top. When she passed by, she looked down at us, smiled, then pointed to her glasses and then to me. Being 10, the fact that she remembered me from that morning and saw me in the crowd was just one of the coolest things ever. The next coolest thing was later that week when we went back to Magic Kingdom and was watching the Parade from the castle and Peter Pan waved at me from his float, which was a-MAZING since he's one of my top two favorite characters. There's a recording of me freaking  out at that parade...I think my voice jumped like 23678621octaves. 

I think the biggest reason I want to work for Disney is because every time I have been down there, it's been so...Magical...amazing, something just happens that you can't get anywhere else, and memories are made that stay with you forever, things that are just so indescribably awesome and affect you for the rest of your life, and when that happens in Disney, those memories can be created with the help of someone that's even just a street sweep. I think that's amazing, that someone that cleans garbage bins has the ability to make someone's day the best in their whole life, and they will remember that day forever. I want to be able to make people happy, to have that kind of affect on people, and I feel like working at Disney gives me the largest collections of tools to use than any other place in the whole world.

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