Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post 2: -22 Days (My first trip to Disney World)

22 days till my fligh day!! I'm so I got an email that gave me my login information for the website for my classes. Disney offers several different educational courses you can take, some colleges accept them for credit. I'm taking a class called Marketing You, which will be Thrusdays at 8:30 in the morning (that will be fun). I got online, read my syllabus, and found out what book I'm going to can also set up contact info and 'friend request' other people in the program.

I also am trying to work out some packing stuff...I am flying down, which means I'm taking one suitcase worth of stuff....the rest I plan on leaving boxed and ready to ship with my parents, and have them send things down as I need it. As of right now though, I'm just stockpiling boxes from work.

My first trip to Disney World was when I was 4, my father took me. My favorite Disney characters are Peter Pan, and Woody from Toy Story, which was my favorite movie as a child; to this day, you can put in the VHS tape and I still have the commercials memorized from as many times as I watched it. As the story father and I waited in line to see Woody...I was really excited...and then when we got up there, I was too nervous to talk to him! Afterwards I was apparently really dissapointed that I couldn't tell him that he was my favorite, so I did the only thing that seemed logical...I asked Mickey Mouse to pass the message for me when we saw him later. Makes perfect sense, right? I mean, he is the big cheese. ;) 

I'm going to do some FAQ...because I have a FAQ list, and it's very, very "F" that I get these "AQ's."
1. How did I find out about the Disney College Program?
Well, as I'm planning on covering in a futer blog post, I found out by talking to a lovely gentelman in the program when I was about 12, who had his college listed on his nametag instead of his hometown. He was working at a Quick Service resteraunt outside of Tower of Terror in (then) MGM Studios. I had already decided that I wanted to work for the Disney Company, and at the time I decided that DCP was probably a good place to start.
2. How did I apply? Click the green 'Apply Now' button. They only accept applications during certain time periods, sign up for the email alerts and they'll let you know when you can send one in. You have to be 18 by the time you get down there and enrolled in a college.
3. Where am I going to live?
DCP has housing for the interns. Technically speaking it's off Disney sounds cooler to say that I'm living in Disney World, and technically it's Disney-Owned I'm not down there yet I dont know all the logistics in relation to location, but I'm told that its about 10 minutes from the World. They are apartment-style living spaces. I will share my bedroom with one person, who I got to 'meet' via the roommate matching system. I can have between 1-4 bedrooms in my apartment (for a total of 2-8 people in my apartment). It is not co-ed, so I'll be with all girls. (8 girls in one space...yikes!) The apartment comes with beds, a dresser, and a fully stocked kitchen, MINUS a toaster, coffee maker, and crock pot. Also, there is 'Wellness' and 'Non-Wellness' housing. Wellness is for under 21 year olds, or people that dont want alcohol in their apartment. Rent (this term) is between $80-$100/week, and it comes straight out of our paycheck. This includes all utitlities, everything.
4. Yes, my beloved car Charlie is dead, in fact I'm finally scrapping him for some money to take down. So how am I supposed to get around down there?
Disney provides bus transportation for all the interns, to and from the housing complexes and various shopping places in the area, including a Wal-mart that is supposedly really close by. According to a friend formerly of the program, they run mostly 24 hours....I'll get back to you guys on that when I'm down there.
5. What am I going to be doing down there?
My role is a 'Photopass Photographer.' I will be making $8.75/hour. My assumtion, based on what little I know, is that I will be the adorable person taking pictures of your 32423x more adorable munchkins meeting Mickey Mouse. Yeah. I'm shooting happy kids all day, in Disney World. Best job EVER.

That's about it for today. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. TTFN!


  1. I'm glued already! Keep up the good work...
    We love ya and are excited for you. Oh and we're thinking of another trip so maybe we'll get to see you!
    Aunt Kristin

    1. Thanks Aunt Kristen! It would be awesome if you guys came down! I promised Daren one free ticket if he comes when he gets back if I'm still down there. Do you think either Austin or Colin would be interested in the program?