Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post 10: Day 18

So it's been over a week since I've's been ridiculously busy.

Last week I had training; Day one and two training was with Ann and a guy who's name I absolutely can't remember. We sat in a classroom for and watched slide presentations for most of the time, and then we went out to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom and practiced shooting each other. Day 3 and 4 were with a guy named Victor, who is A-mazing! He took us on a backstage tour of magic kingdom, and then we got to shoot guests! That was awesome. Friday, Day 4, we got "magic shot" trained, which is the art of capturing the precise moment that tinker bell jumps intros child's hand, or taking magic pictures of invisible balloons. That was fun.

Saturday-my first day all by myself.
Most interesting first day of work ever. I misread my schedule and was an hour late, had a meeting with the CP supervisor, and spent 20 minutes of my 30 minute lunch beak lost backstage, about ready to cry. It was pretty miserable. AND then the computer told me that I was to attend a scheduled meeting at the Photography (DPI) base. So I meandered back, and waited with a group of about 9 of us, no one having an idea what was going on. One of our managers gathered us together and escorted us to an adorable tour guide....who is responsible for tours of the Cinderella Castle Suite. Yes. On my first day of work, I got selected for a special cast member tour of Cinderella's guest suite. I was in a group of people who had worked for the company for 4 years, 7 years, 10 years and has never seen the suite, and I got to go on my first day. I could hardly believe it. It was absolutely beautiful, I got to see her glass slipper and her Coronation Crown. It totally made my day, getting to accomplish 2 of my dreams in one day.

I've been working by myself for 4 full work days now. I hate our universal costume, but I love our main street costume. Tink flies around main street for pictures, and the shoes i got from walmart are absolutley coated in pixie dust. The worst part about working main street though is the damn trolley horse. I can't tell the difference between that bell and the train bell, and the lady that drives it is CRABBY. Literally my first day on main street and she's "counting" me. She's not even nice. Other than that I like working main street a lot more than any of the other places...mostly because I'm not night or character trained so my only other option is standing on the bridge to tomorrowland and doing castle shots, and by that point most people have already gotten 257853279974 castle shots walking up main street, so it's not as busy. But is okay. Either way I'm still shooting.

On Tuesday I had my first Make-A-Wish kid. I couldn't even tell, and I still have no idea what she has. Her name was Princess Jessica, and her birthday is tomorrow (Friday); she's turning 8. She was missing 3 of her front teeth and was all smiles, really excited to be at Disney world. I did an invisible balloon shot, and she did such a good job I asked her if she did magic at home, and she told me about this trick that she does with disappearing coins and cups. She was absolutely amazing....whatever she has, I really hope that she kicks its ass in the gutter where it belongs.

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