Saturday, February 11, 2012

Post 9: Day 7 (I kin haz caffeine plz?)

So I've been here in Orlando for a week now!! The weathers amazing, if not on the slight chilly side...though not as chilly as the wonderful snow I'm missing in PA!! Sorry guys. :-P

It's 6:37am on Saturday, I'm currently on the bus to Disney University, which is where all the Disney Cast member training occurs (no its not a Disney run college...I wish!). Today I'm getting my photopass Magic Kingdom Park tour, I have to be there by 7:15am. It takes about 30 minutes to ride the Disney Bus to DU, and that's where the drop off is for Magic Kingdom employees .

BUT let's backtrack a few days...

Thursday: Disney Marketing You Class at 8:30. Benefit to being in Vista is that my class is in the same complex...not all Disney education courses are in Vista, my roommate Domino's is in Chatham. I'm not sure if you can tell before you sign up.
My class was very entertaining, my professor is Penny, who has been with the company since 1980...a year before EPCOT opened, to put that in perspective for you. The class's goals is to pretty much help us figure out what direction we want our lives to go in. This will be beneficial to me, as I'm one of those people always bouncing around with what I want to do.

Class ran 8:30-12:30, then I zipped back to my apartment, ate, changed and met my friend Michael over. We got on a bus over to Magic Kingdom to meet Eddie and some of his other friends, I met Aleka who is from Hawaii, which is the first person I've ever met from Hawaii. We rode the magic carpets, jungle cruise, buzz light year, and saw the Monsters Inc laugh floor and the Stitch experience before we all went home. And I promptly went to bed as I had to be back near Magic Kingdom by 8:30 for my Welcome to Entertainment Session. (Yes, as far as departments go, I am roped into the same category as Characters, attendants, and costuming. Win!)

Friday: Welcome to Entertainment! Safety training, tours of the online systems and first week of training schedule...8 hours of fun times and excitement! After I got home I made dinner and stayed home and did most of my homework while some of my roommates went to EPCOT for the first time, then I went to bed for today.

Saturday: By this point I'm sitting in a room waiting for my Magic Kingdom tour to start. That's about everything that has happened so far today...will keep you all posted as the days go on!

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